This was a test project based on a brief to create the branding, packaging design and advertising for a new snack bar line for the brand. I decided to focus on the product name and elevate it by showcasing as a primary element the distinctive "Bear" that is part of the Kodiak Cakes logo.
The rest of the graphic elements focused on representing the main slogan of the product which is "snack adventurously" and on the core values and dna of the brand that communicates a love for the outdoors, nature & and wholesome ingredients.
The graphic concept was extended for the bar pack keeping the bar film elements on the front and creating a POS style layout on the back.
Finally, I presented the concept for an Ad, and I focused on communicating in a simple way the slogan "Snack Adventurously" by portraying the bar being prepared to be packed for an outdoor adventure.
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