Fitnessguru, a sport-wellness supplement startup was on the path of growth and wanted to become a recognized brand in the Swedish and European market. Working as their creative lead, and understanding its founders vision, I developed a unified look and feel that could help set the brand apart from its competitors with an overall white & minimalist but strong visual identity.
While kept with a minimalist style, the advertising graphics reflected more dynamism and energy combined with select and curated stock imagery and photo shoots of sponsored athletes.
Utilizing the same dynamic style, a series of marketing e-newsletter templates were created to keep in touch with customers, create retention and communicate product launches, promotions and fitness tips.
The main goal was to create a unique, simple and clean identity that could be reflected on all materials including packaging / labels that truly reflected Fitnessguru's core values. One Whey® was the starting product to develop the rest of the product lineup.
A simple, white and straightforward typographic label was developed having the product name standing out in a vertical format, which made the product unique and stand visually from the competition.
The flavor / matte color chart for One Whey®
All product series typographic logos were created having the brand's core "one" stand out.
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